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Introducing, The Airack.

The Airack Glass Dryer was designed to provide faster glass rotation with a basket of glasses being dry and at ambient room temperature 10 times faster than standard air drying. It removes the risk of cross contamination from handling and towel drying the glass and brings you one step closer to pouring the perfect pint.

Quick Drying Time

Optimise your workflow by effectively and consistently drying glasses right the first time, achieving speeds up to 10 times faster than before.

Perfect Head Retention

The innovative Airack system effortlessly produces a perfectly dry glass, allowing a superb and consistent pour every single time.

Systematic Drying

A studied and proven approach to drying glasses, expertly designed with careful consideration of 'points of nucleation' to ensure optimal results.

Faster Glass Rotation

Avoid the need to keep a large stock of glasses by speeding up the circulation of the glassware that are in use.

Eliminates Cross-Contamination

Mitigate the risk of cross-contamination by eliminating the need for unnecessary towel drying and excessive handling of glasses, ensuring a hygienic and efficient process.

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The Airack Lite

Introducing the Airack Lite – Your Glass Drying Companion!

Experience the power of a versatile glass dryer that puts you in control. Unlike alternative drying solutions, the Airack Lite features a mechanical manual runback timer, giving you the freedom to set your desired drying time, with options extending up to 30 minutes. Say goodbye to one-size-fits-all drying methods and tailor your glassware care to perfection. With the Airack Lite, adaptability is at your fingertips. Adjust the drying time to suit the specific needs of your glassware. Taller continental-style glasses benefit from a gentle 10-minute cycle, while smaller glasses can emerge perfectly dry in just 4 minutes. No more over-drying or under-drying – achieve the ideal results every time.

Its clever design features a molded top cover with strategically placed holes, ensuring optimal airflow inside your upturned, warm, and wet glasses. Efficient circulation banishes moisture, leaving your glassware impeccably dry at perfect room temperature, instantly ready for use.

Get yours today and experience precise control and superior drying performance!

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Manual Timer

Set the timer to your desired time and the Airack will automatically shut off when done.

Green cardstock box containing white, beige, and brown cards.

Drain Trough

The drain trough allows excess water to be collected and removed from the drying rack.

Green cardstock box open with 50 cards inside.

Anti-Slip Feet

The Airack stays securely in place with the anti-slip and anti-vibration feet on the bottom of the unit.

Detail of white today card, beige next card, and brown someday card with dot grid.

Steel Design

The Airack Lite is made of a easy to clean, durable coated steel designed to last.

Stack of three green cardstock boxes with 3 hole cutouts showing cards inside.

Comparison / Technical Information

The Airack Lite

Airack Glass Dryer Lite

Specifications and available options listed below.

Available Sizes

Lite 40 (Up To 18 Pint Glasses)

Lite 45 (Up To 24 Pint Glasses)

Lite 50 (Up To 30 Pint Glasses)

Machine Type
Counter Top
Machine Finish
Coated Steel / Recycled Plastic
Single Phase 3 Amp
Standard Cycle Time
Up to 30 minutes
Control System
Manual Timer
Drainage Funnel
Basket Compatibility
UKCA Marked
CE Marked
The Airack Standard

Airack Glass Dryer Standard

Specifications and available options listed below.

Available Sizes

Standard 40 (Up To 18 Pint Glasses)

Standard 45 (Up To 24 Pint Glasses)

Standard 50 (Up To 30 Pint Glasses)

Machine Type
Counter Top
Machine Finish
Coated Steel / Recycled Plastic
Single Phase 3 Amp
Standard Cycle Time
10 minutes
Control System
Electronic Timer
Drainage Funnel
Basket Compatibility
UKCA Marked
CE Marked
The Airack Stand

Optimise your workspace.

The Airack stand is the perfect addition to the Airack.

Stand Full

The Airack Stand is an ideal addition to the warewashing process. This Airack Stand can slide easily into spare space in the bar or kitchen area. Ideally, the unit would be located next to the warewasher as it provides the correct working height. Your washed glasses can be put straight onto the Airack and dry glasses can be stored in a safe, hygienic and tidy solution.

The Airack Stand has been designed to store all types of glass basket. Each tier allows for glasses that measure up to 250mm in height, so there is plenty of room for specialist baskets such as the Clenaware Tall Glass Basket and glasses to be stored.

  • Durable & Versatile

    Airack Stands are made of stainless steel and not only look modern, but are able to handle the knocks and bumps of your busy bar or kitchen area. The Catch Trays supplied with each unit as standard, are of a high-quality finish made from durable plastic.

  • Mount Options

    Our static Airack Stands come equipped with adjustable feet, offering a versatile storage solution that ensures stability and safety, even when placed on floors with uneven surfaces.

    Our Mobile Airack Stands are designed for easy movement. They come with four castors, two of which have brakes for safety once the unit is in position for storage.

  • Easy to install

    'The Airack Stand' is delivered to you fully pre-built. This means you don't have to worry about assembling it yourself. It's ready to use as soon as it arrives, making your storage solution quick and effortless.

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Technical Specifications

Technical details and specifications of our product, providing a thorough overview of dimensions and features.

Top down view of walnut card tray with embedded magnets and card groove.

Static Stand

Adjustable feet for fixed placement on both even, and uneven ground.

Side of walnut card tray with card groove and recessed card area.

Mobile Stand

Lockable castor wheels for a mobile and transportable solution.

Static Stands

Airack Stand 40 (W470 x H750 x D400)*

Airack Stand 45 (W520 x H750 x D450)*

Airack Stand 50 (W570 x H750 x D500)*

Mobile Stands

Airack Stand 40 (W470 x H800 x D400)*

Airack Stand 45 (W520 x H800 x D450)*

Airack Stand 50 (W520 x H800 x D450)*

Mount Options
Static / Mobile
Frame Material
Stainless Steel
Shelf Count
2 Storage Shelves / 1 Airack Mount Location
Catch Trays
Catch Tray Material
Recycled Plastic

*Airack not included in dimensions

Airack Baskets Background Image
The Airack Stands Logo

Collect, Clean, Dry & Store.

With many different styles of glassware in constant use in commercial bars and kitchens, it’s important that you choose the right basket to wash them in. Using cheap and dilapidated baskets will increase the risk of cross contamination while also allowing incidents of both damaged and broken glasses to occur.

We offer a variety of glass washing baskets designed for commercial bars and kitchens. With sizes of 400mm, 450mm, and 500mm, these baskets cater to different glassware types. Unlike the 'cheaper' plastic‐type baskets, Clenaware Baskets are made up of robust wirework which is then coated in a 'premium' plastic hygienic coating and is also fitted with corner protection clips for added durability

    Hover to view suitable glassware.

  • Open Glass Basket

    The Open Glass Basket is suitable for glasses that measure up to 150mm in height, such as Pint Glasses, Tumbler Glasses, Half Pint Glasses and Hi-Ball Glasses. The basket comes with offset hand slots which make it easier to handle and transport.

    Airack Open Basket
  • Divided Glass Basket

    The Divided Glass Basket is suitable for specialist style glasses that measure up to 150mm in height, such as Shot Glasses, Cocktail Glasses, Champagne Glasses and Wine Glasses. The basket is compartmented and angled to aid the drying process and to prevent glass damage or breakages.

    Airack Divided Basket
  • Tall Glass Basket

    The Tall Glass Basket is suitable for 'Continental' style glasses that measure over 150mm in height. This includes glassware such as Pilsner glasses, Heineken and Peroni glasses. This Glass Basket has been designed with special support inserts which sit inside the glasses.

    Airack Tall Basket
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